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“Very tasty”

Very tasty meal: I had salmon cooked just right (crispy outside, tender inside) on spinach fettuccine with a white wine & butter sauce. Delicious. My wife loved her whole grain spelt fettuccine with a white wine and olive oil sauce with sliced dried figs, caramelized onions, toasted walnuts and arugula. She rarely finishes her dishes but made an exception in...

“All Around Excellent Experience”

It has been a few years since we had dined at Viva Fresh Pasta. So, on this trip to Northampton, we decided to go there for dinner. After my husband's initial disappointment that they were out of mussels, he was pleasantly surprised when our waiter, who took the time to double check this item, returned with good news - one...

“Homemade pasta excellent, great bread, great service”

My daughter attends college in Northampton, Ma. Viva Pasta is my favorite restaurant there. Very fresh and healthy, homemade cuisine. Most importantly, it tastes great!

Reviews form Yelp

**** There are so many great places to eat in Northampton, and Viva is no exception. It's a great place to visit with family or for date night. The restaurant is small, quiet, with lovely ambience. Make reservations for a large party!

I go crazy for fresh pasta, and I've never had a bad meal here. Over time their prices have certainly increased, but the quality is still very high. Waitstaff are friendly and attentive.

I generally opt for the make-your-own pasta dish. My favorites are the sweet potato ravioli or spinach fettuccine with the romesco or vodka sauces. Mmm Mmm. The pasta is served no-frills, but you can add on veggies or meats. When the pasta and sauce are made fresh, you don't need fancy toppings to enjoy the flavor!

Their specials and entrees are also delicious! And I often start a meal by sharing some garlic bread... I mean, is it really an Italian meal without some warm bread?

Simple, delicious, reliable.

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